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Kunshan Auma Thermal Engineering tech. co Ltd. is the high quality steel products sales and heat treatment, PVD hard wear-resisting coating professional service provider of. The company owns advanced zero shear, milling-grinding, vacuum heat treatment, PVD coating,detection equipment, to provide integrated solution such as The steel material selection, zero shear, modular machining, heat treatment, coating, analysis and so on for customers.
The company is located in kunshan, south by Shanghai, north to jiangsu most, wAUMA near zhejiang manufacturing intensively, convenient logistics, the superior geographical position for the company to provide fast, high-quality service brings the prerequisites. Experienced sales engineer, heat treatment and tAUMAing personnel will provide high quality and reliable solutions for our customers, able to offer the optimization of security service.
AUMA integrates smelting, ESR, smithing, steel rolling, heat treatment, pre-hardening, machine work and other production process flow into one is the professional special steel manufacturers. According to the “Fours” (customized service, prepeening, standardization, Surface bright silver) requirements, professional production with high added value, high quality tools & dies material. Auma will adhere to the “to create value for customers” service concept, Provide first-class technical service.


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